Another Large Bird Takes to Manchaug Pond’s Sky

Mid-morning, the lake is for our founding members and the retirees – no boats. A patriarch of the MPA sits on his porch taking in the sights and silence of the still lake. As our new “classic” speed boat, a 1967 Glastron V-156 Sportster, breaks that silence our patriarch give us the ritual greeting ring of the ship’s bell as we pass by.

After a few minutes out in the middle, little did we know who we would meet out on the water….

… a large bird was seen flying low out of the west and coming toward us. Very large wings flapping – not a turkey vulture, not a heron – I immediately thought it was the eagle.

It flew high and directly above us seeming to check us out! But not the adult eagle seen this past week, and not an immature we suspected while viewing from the boat but