Preserving Manchaug Pond For Now and The Future

The Manchaug Pond Foundation, and before that as the Manchaug Pond Association, has close to 60 years of working tirelessly to preserve and protect our amazing natural water resource, Manchaug Pond.  While many think of this 380 acre lake as their favorite recreation area, a great spot for bass fishing, a cherished camping area, and more, the lake is part of the Blackstone River system serving as the headwaters to a tributary, the Mumford River which impacts areas well beyond the shoreline.

Working together we are able to have a giant affect. Our organization takes a multifaceted and holistic approach to its conservation and that of the watershed alone and in cooperation with town officials, local regional, and state agencies and organizations. Please read on to do your part and consider getting involved!

CON-SER-VA-TION:  the careful preservation, protection, and restoration of the natural environment, natural ecosystems, native vegetation, and wildlife populations.

Dam & Water Level


  • Ownership: in cooperation with the Town of Sutton, Manchaug Pond Foundation negotiated and secured local ownership from the previous international manufacturer.
  • Maintenance: Negotiated donation of $350,000 fund from previous owner to ensure funding for future needs.
  • Water level and timing: Holding the flow-rights to the pond, Manchaug Pond Foundation is in communication with the local dam caretaker to ensure flood control; healthy fisheries, wetlands, and connectivity to coldwater fisheries; mechanical control of aquatic invasive species control through lake-level drawdown; safe recreation; public access and tourism, property values; and quality of life.
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Watershed Conservation

WA-TER-SHED: The entire region draining into a river, river system, or other body of water.

WA-TER-SHED PRO-TEC-TION: protecting a lake, river, or stream by managing the entire watershed that drains into it.


Water Quality

Keeping Manchaug Pond healthy and clean has been a goal since organizing to work together in 1967 as the Manchaug Pond Association. Today, our approach and methods are varied and mult-faceted expanding beyond the lake and its shoreline residents to the many users and watershed resident and system-wide with such groups as the Blackstone River Coalition, Blackstone River Watershed Association, Massachusetts Council of Lakes and Ponds, and Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition. Join us to ensure Manchaug Pond will continue to remain for today and future generations.

Action areas include:

  •  Water sampling, testing and monitoring on lake and in the watershed.
  • Installation of structural BMP’s of catch basins, filter systems, rain gardens near the lake and in the watershed.
  • No Invasives! Aquatic Plant Surveys, invasive weed and species detection & eradication.
  • Educational resources targeting special groups and offering a specialize website page to adults and youth, watershed residents and campers, visitors, horse owners students and educators in the watershed towns of Sutton, Douglas and Oxford and beyond.
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Since the beginning of the Manchaug Pond Association’s, now Foundation’s, existence we have been active in monitoring the health of the lake’s water quality through testing and securing two s. 319 Non point Source Pollution Grant Awards from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP).

The map shows the project sites made possible through the grants, with photos and information for each point of interest completed in the Manchaug Pond watershed. Simply click on a point of interest to learn about the improvements made to filter pollutants, nutrients and sediments from reaching Manchaug Pond.

For further information and what you can do around your home and landscape, please refer to our Water Quality pages under the Conservation section.