In advocacy, education and action, we work together on issues including water quality, dam and waterlevel, watershed conservation, and safe boating and public access.

Manchaug Pond Foundation Inc. is an all volunteer, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public charity dedicated to the welfare and correct use of Manchaug Pond and its watershed.

Protect Your Lake & Watershed

  • Partner with others who share your passion as a member of the Manchaug Pond Foundation.

  • Connect in advocacy and action to make a real difference for this 380 acre community resource.

  • Plan and participate in fun events, educational efforts, clean-ups and water quality tasks around the lake.

  • Commit to protecting and preserving Manchaug Pond for today and future generations.
  • Inspire and engage others to support and join in our important work.

    Your membership & contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Federal Tax ID # 32-0303891


Dam & Waterlevel

Local ownership and control; maintenance and safety; waterlevels for connectivty to streams, healthy fisheries and wetland habitats, recreation, safety and flood control; winter drawdown and summer storage capacity. Take a closer look...

Clean Water

Sampling, testing, and monitoring; watershed surveys and cleanups, three 319 stormwater grants with site contruction and educational outreach to residents, campers, youth, and agriculture, horsekeepers, hobby farms and property owners. Learn more...

Safe Boating

Channel makers and safety buoys; annual Vessel Safety Check event; education and outreach to public boat ramp users; advocating safety and enforcement patrols by town, state, and Environmental Police. Wear It and check the rules ...

Healthy Fisheries & Recreation

Our Weed Watcher/Aquatic Plant Survey Team: training in identification; annual survey using GPS, point grid, and rake-toss method; littoral surveys; coordinating with other water quality for long term results; public outreach. Be a Weed Watcher...

Lake & Watershed Conservation

Hold deed to flowrights; saved through acquisition 100 acres of significant watershed with priority habitat for endangered species; identifying important available parcels advocating for preservation; Join the effort protection Manchaug Pond...


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