Section 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Grant Projects

The Manchaug Pond Foundation is very thankful to be a recipient of two s. 319 Non Point Source Pollution (NPS) grants from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP) for the Phase 1 and 2 Manchaug Pond Water Quality Improvement Projects.

Specific project goals are:

      1. Sediment loading and associate pollutants are reduced,
      2. invasive aquatic weed populations continue to decrease,
      3. targeted outfalls are free of stormwater debris and erosion, and
      4. watershed residents, both year-round and seasonal, are knowledgeable about residential landscaping techniques and maintenance protocols for a healthy lake.

These grants allowed us to design and construct watershed upgrades consisting of BMP’s (Best Management Practices) of rain gardens, sediment check dams, vegetated swales, catch basins, purge pools, and infiltration trenches and more designed specifically to protect Manchaug Pond by either slowing down and/or capturing pollution-carrying stormwater filtering into the ground before it enters the lake.

The educational portion of the grant awards enables us to reach out to the Manchaug Pond watershed community to educate people about caring for the environment and reducing pollution which will eventually enter into the lake. Specifically targeting watershed residents, campground and boat ramp users, area children and the promotion of agricultural BMP’s to the dozens of horse owners in the watershed. Outreach to young people will include a junior educational toolbox in the form of a backpack with fun exercises and books for the student to learn more about our local environment.

Annual Projected Nutrient Reductions

Phase 2 Sites:

Manchaug Pond Foundation Water Quality

Pervious pavers, state boat ramp, Sutton

10,110 lbs Total Suspended Solids
834 lbs Phosphorus
8,390 lbs of Nitrogen

Phase 1 Sites:

8,137 lbs Total Suspended Solids
13.63 lbs Phosphorus
61.39 lbs Nitrogen


Manchaug Pond Foundation Water Quality

Roadside plunge pool, Oak Street, Douglas

The Manchaug Pond Foundation is very grateful for the support and cooperation of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection ,  the Towns of Douglas and Sutton as well as all our Manchaug Pond Foundation volunteers, the Blackstone River Coalition, and local residents and businesses that worked with us to make this a successful endeavor and the engineers and environmental scientists of Comprehensive Environmental Inc. (CEI)


Map of Structural Stormwater BMP Locations

Through federal funds from 2 grant awards from the Environmental Protection agency (EPA) to the Massachusetts Department of environmental Protection under the Section 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Competitive Grant Program, the Manchaug Pond Foundation has been addressing the issues of “Nonpoint Source Pollution” and water quality on Manchaug Pond.

The map below shows links to each of the site areas we’ve been working on, with each point of interest containing images and information  to demonstrate the action taken in and around the Manchaug Pond Watershed.

The map below shows some of our recent site activities geared to help improve the water quality of Manchaug Pond.  Simply click on a Point of Interest and you can learn about the improvements made, as well as see images of the finished work being done around Manchaug Pond.

This project has been financed with Federal Funds from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the Massachusetts Department of
Environmental Protection (the Department) under an s. 319 competitive grant. The contents do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the EPA
or of the Department, nor does the mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.