Looking for ... a place to help where needed and appreciated, an internship, a community service opportunity, an Eagle Scout project, real-life experience for the environment, a place to give back during retirement, for a cause, love being outdoors,working alone, or with others learning ....

Your search is over ...We need you!     Manchaug Pond needs you!

Join our community, the Manchaug Pond Foundation, as we work to protect and enhance the water quality and waterlevel, to ensure the safe and correct use through safe boating and the public access venues. Your involvement is needed with membership, participation at events, and in volunteering your talents, interests and expertise! We train, mentor, and value you!

Contact us with an opportunity below or an interest or idea of your own!

Projects, Events , Committees and more!

Membership Committee

Let's expand out outreach to include more friends of Manchaug Pond.

Secretarial Support

Help us reach our members, donors, neighbors and the many users of Manchaug Pond!  Mailings, thank you letters, press releases, social media and more...

Events Committee

  • Volunteers needed
  • Be part of a committee planning events for Manchaug Pond
  • Focus on community building, fundrasising, and education

Wanted: Pontoon Boat, Trailer and Motor

We're starting a DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting) Program for Manchaug Pond to address invasive aquatic plants.

  • Used pontoon boat or deck
  • 24' in length or greater
  • Trailer and a small motor
  • Volunteers will also be needed: captain, 2 divers and 1-2 deck crew members.

Let's eat ~June Social!

  • 2-3 volunteers needed
  • On Saturday, June 18, 9:30
  • Prepare or bring a dish: muffins, fruit salad, breakfast bread...
  • Y Camp Blanchard Dining Hall, Manchaug Rd, Sutton

Sponsors for The DAM Race

  • We need You!
  • You, your family, your business or organization on our race day t-shirt
  • Sponsorships at $500, $250, $100

The DAM Race 5K Run/3K Walk

  • Many volunteers needed
  • On race day, October 15, 2020, 8:30-11
  • Parking attendants, registration, road marshals, water station

Podcasts and Webinars

  • Opening to an individual
  • Serve as moderator/interviewr for our educational podcasts and/or webinars

Watershed Model Educator

Share with others the importance of our water resources using this 3-D watershed model showing land use and daily activities in a watershed.  Demonstrate pollution, stormwater runoff, erosion and more.

  • 1-4 volunteers needed - work as a team of 2 or alone
  • Provide educational outreach to community groups, scouts, clubs and schools as desired/schedule allows
  • Training and supplies provided

Stream Team

  • 5 opening in Manchaug Pond Watershed to monitor stream health
  • April-November, second Saturday morning
  • Outdoors stream-side recording, collecting and testing water quality of our streams
  • Water sample and data sheet brought to our lab held at Manchaug Fire Station
  • Training and supplies provided


Water Quality Monitor for BRWA

  • 1 opening in Manchaug Pond Watershed at Town Farm Rd/Hotel Pond outlet
  • April-November, Second Saturday morning
  • Stream-side recording, collection and testing
  • Water sample and data sheet brought to Tri-River, Uxbridge
  • Training, and supplies by Blackstone River Watershed Assn.

Fishing Line Collection Station

  • Opening for individual, family, youth or community group
  • Twice a year: Spring and Fall
  • Check and empty Collection Station at State Public Boat Ramp, Torrey Rd, Sutton.
  • Bring used fishing line/monofilament for recycling to Blackstone Heritage Corridor office, Whitinsville

Vernal Pool Certification

  • Individual, family, or group needed
  • Evaluate a specific potential vernal pool for certification
  • Complete form and needed documentation for submission

Build a Wood Duck Nesting Box

Wood Ducks nest on Manchaug Pond~ lets encourage with a few nesting boxes placed at the main inlet cove and on our conservation ponds.

  • 3 boxes needed
  • Dimensions/details provided
  • You secure materials and construct

Kestrel Nesting Project

Love birds? Learn more about a small falcon in our watershed -Kestrels. With two nesting boxes, we are looking for a one or more volunteers to start a nesting monitoring project on our conservation land.

Clean-up Volunteers

Join our annual fall lake and watershed clean-up.
  • Individuals, family, and groups welcome
  • Your time or event day: Saturday, October 23, 9-Noon
  • Meet at the Public Access Boat Ramp, Torrey Rd, Sutton for safety vest, bags, gloves and refreshments
  • Report your volunteer time as we can use for our grant match

Hold the Boat ~ Vessel Safety Check!

  • 2-3 volunteers needed
  • On Saturday, June 4, 9-Noon~ work the morning or take a shift
  • Hold boats at ramp during the Vessel Safety Check
  • State Public Boat Ramp, Torrey Rd, Sutton

Contact us to get started!

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  1. Hi!
    We would like to volunteer to build the wood duck nesting boxes.
    We are also interested in the Kestrel Nesting Project, but would definitely need some guidance.
    Also, can help with Blueberry Island flag/buoy maintenance.
    Debbie & Dan

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