Educational Materials

A primary goal of the Manchaug Pond Foundation is the education of both residents living within the watershed, as well as visitors from far and wide who would like to know more about the pond.  Below you will find material and links to educational resources about watersheds in general, living within a watershed, and even materials for kids to learn more about our natural world as well!  Be sure to check back regularly on this page, as we will continue growing our repository of information for you!

Manchaug Pond Founation Water Quality

Click on the Clean Water logo to visit MassDEP’s new website for everyone from home to municipalities, farm to marinas, school to business. Topics from car washing and fueling boats to dry wells and grey water management and more!



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Hey Kids, Let’s Play!

Make Waves!

Watershed Residents

Manchaug Pond Educational MapLearn how you can take care of your home, lawn and landscape while protecting out water resources. Visit here for more information…

Parents and Educators

ponds & rivers book coverA list of books and references for children and adults on subjects from lakes and ponds to wildlife and geology to water quality.
Manchaug Pond Foundation Education

Enviroscape Watershed Model

Available for loan, use this interactive, hands-on Enviroscape watershed model to demonstrate what a watershed is, how important it is to Manchaug Pond and how our activities can pollute or preserve our water resources. Contact usfor more information or reserve today!

  • Water Wiz

    Play this game from National Geographic Kids to find out how much water is used for everyday things in your home. Play here!

  • Discover Water

    Play games, read stories, watch videos, and print coloring pages on this fun website by Project WET. Check it out!

  • EEK! Like Critters?

    See if you can match the track with the animal that made them! Track me here!

  • The Watershed Game

    Test your water smarts by playing The Watershed Game! Play here!

  • Become a Clean Water Ranger

    Learn about how a few simple actions can help us clean up our rivers and lakes. Videos to watch!

  • Water Use Games & More!

    Scroll down this website for a whole list of games on water use! Try them here!

  • Safe Boating

    A safe boating treasure trove of games, activity pages, checklists, and more. All aboard, matey!

  • Geology for Kids

    Navigate this site to learn about water basins, rills, erosion and more Explore!

  • Manchaug Pond Quiz

    Test your knowledge of Manchaug Pond with this quiz! Show what you know!

Manchaug Pond Foundation Events2017 celebrates 50 years of advocacy and action for Manchaug Pond! As with 2016, we promise a full calendar of activities and events for those who love Manchaug Pond.

Join us and let us know your ideas and needs for events and programs!


There are many ways you can serve and give back to Manchaug Pond.IMG_0643

Check out this list of ways and areas you can get involved or Contact us  with your interests or area of expertise. We’d love to have you!

Manchaug Pond Foundation EventsTake action by joining the members and friends of the Manchaug Pond Foundation in events and activities which preserve and protect Manchaug Pond and its watershed. Join today!






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