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Kayaking? Life Jackets Required

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Did you know life jackets are required for cold weather kayaking in five states including Massachusetts? From September 15th through May 15th life jackets are required, yes mandatory, for all person’s kayaking and canoeing on Manchaug Pond and all other Massachusetts waterways. It is not enough to have the life jacket in the boat,  all persons on board a canoe or kayak must wear a life jacket/PFD at all times. People enjoy boating and fishing in the fall and spring, but a nice sunny spring or fall day can quickly become hazardous if you end up in cold water. According to the Massachusetts Environmental Police, most boating fatalities in the Commonwealth result when boaters fail to wear life jackets while in small craft in cold water or weather. Paddlers in canoes and kayaks are required to wear life jackets from September 15 – May 15. The Wear It! Campaign unites the efforts of a wide variety of boating safety advocates and is produced under a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard. The Wear It! Campaign reminds boaters to: Make sure everyone – even experienced swimmers – wears a properly fitting …

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Labor Day Weekend Lighting of the Shoreline

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Join us in lighting the Manchaug Pond shoreline at 8:30 PM for Labor Day weekend on Sunday evening September 1st! This remains the last big weekend on the lake as children go back to school and the summer vacation season comes to an end. With flares, tiki torches, and campfires, light your waterfront, campsite and home showing solidarity with the Manchaug Pond Foundation…

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Annual Meeting Changed to Rain Date

This has been one of the driest summers on record, and right on cue, the day we are scheduled to have our Annual Meeting of the Members, rain is forecast all day long from the remnants of hurricane Laura.  Due to this forecast […]

Updates: Lake-level of Manchaug Pond & Annual Meeting

Posted August 20, 2020  Lake Water Level The Manchaug Pond Foundation {MPF} has recently been receiving multiple questions and complaints concerning the water level of Manchaug Pond this summer.  The Town of Sutton operates the Manchaug Pond dam, and strives to set the water level of the pond to a ‘rule curve’ or optimum level through the year which has been developed in partnership with the MPF.  During the summer months, the rule curve directs that the pond water level be kept full.  However the Sutton Conservation Committee approval of this rule curve requires a minimum level of water outflow at all times to maintain the environment downstream.    In addition to evaporation, during drought conditions there is not enough water inflow to replace the mandated outflow.  Whereas the Town of Sutton also owns and operates the Stevens Pond dam, conditions there must also be assessed. We have confirmed with the Town that the dam is currently set with a 1/2″ outflow as it has been all summer addressing, as best possible, the needs of Manchaug Pond and Stevens.  Since this has been the second driest Summer on record in the Worcester area, there is unfortunately nothing more we can …

Tomato Plant Sale To Benefit New Stream Team!

Posted May 24, 2020 Not the usual Manchaug Pond Foundation fundraiser but one from the heart of a student volunteer and to fund a new clean water initiative for Manchaug Pond! We are offering you, for a minimum donation of $5 each, beautiful heirloom variety tomato plants, raised from seed and organically-grown by one of our student water quality volunteers.  Hannah, a junior at Sutton High School, is offering this Heirloom Tomato Sale to raise funds for needed equipment and supplies for a new Manchaug Pond Stream Team and testing lab.    This will expand our current on-lake water quality monitoring and the cooperative efforts with the Blackstone River Coalition to take our volunteers up into the Manchaug Pond watershed to directly monitor the streams which carry water to the lake and to establish our own lab in order to avoid expensive outside fees. All tomato plants offered are grown here in the watershed and perfect for your home garden, campsite, or deck container garden  – order your tomato(s) online today – quantities are limited with only 101 plants available. –  Paypal, check or cash on delivery accepted. Local delivery this week or pick-up if desired. Any and all donations are …