Lake Singletary Gets the Treatment

The August 13th issue of the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle and the Lake Singletary Watershed Association website report Lake Singletary was closed yesterday, Tuesday August 18th, in order to receive two chemical treatments. One an algaecide for the control of nuisance algae blooms,

and the other an aquatic herbicide for the control of the invasive aquatic weed – milfoil.

The entire lake was closed after 2 p.m. to all activities from swimming, to waterskiing – anything involving contact with the water.

According to the article, the entire lake was to be treated with the algaecide and small coves and shoreline areas of Singletary treated with an aquatic herbicide.

Water use will be restricted for five days, until August 24th, with no drinking, irrigation and watering of pets and livestock allowed. Lake Singletary will re-open to boating and fishing today, August 19th. Warning posters around the shoreline alert users to the temporary water use restrictions.

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  1. Lake Singletary is awesome! The water quality is superior to other lakes and most drinking water resevoirs in the area. The occassional algal blooms are more often then not, the non-toxic variety and is easily treated with copper sulfate which doesn’t require a lake closure or use restriction. Nusiance non-native weeds brought in by transient boaters using the public boat ramp, have to be treated with herbicides and winter lake drawdowns. It’s ironic that the lake’s exceptional water clarity allows the sunlight to reach the bottom in depths of over 16 ft. that helps to fuel weed growth! They have a very well funded and active lake assocition that covers all the treatment costs. They have also been awarded several state grants that funded projects to mitigate non-point source polution/stormwater runoff along the road on the more urban Millbury end of the lake. Unfortunately, subsequent water tests from the completed project areas showed very little to no improvement and in a few cases, it got worse. Not an effective or good use of public funds. Their lake scientists have confirmed that the overwhelming majority of polutants and phosphorous comes from the agricultural runoff, lawn fertilizers and ineffective/failing septic systems around the lakeshore and drainage area. The lake association actively promotes and communicates the need for residents to to be vigilent in keeping these sources of polution to a minimum.

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    Your update, John, to this 2009 post is much appreciated! Our intent was only to inform visitors that the ramp had been closed for the treatment.

    We agree Lake Singletary is a beautiful water resource thanks to the very diligent efforts of the Lake Singletary Watershed Association. Singletary is a favorite trout stocked fishery, home to a public state DCR boat ramp and the Sutton town beach open to all residents and non-residents.

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