Water Quality: MPF Secures Second Grant

Yesterday, we received a “green light” from MassDEP to begin the Manchaug Pond Water Quality Improvement – Phase 2 grant project.  Our paperwork is complete, we are good to go!

Phase 1 project – Pervious pavers installed at the state boat ramp.

Last October, we received news that of the 14 proposals submitted, Manchaug Pond Foundation’s was one of seven projects to be recommended to the US EPA for funding through the ‘FFY13 319 Nonpoint Source Competitive Grants Program. Earlier this year our final scope, budget, and timeline were accepted and this month our final paperwork was completed.  Of the total $1.4 million, Manchaug Pond will receive $119,865 with MPF responsible for matching

Phase 1- Catch basin installed on lake roadside

with time and services for a total project budget of $208, 525.

Phase 1 project – Rain garden captures runoff preventing erosion

This grant will also allow additional Nonpoint Source (NPS) improvements in the watershed to help improve the water quality of Manchaug Pond and ultimately the Mumford and Blackstone Rivers.

The phase 2 project, like the phase 1, will install a number of stormwater BMP structures immediately around the pond in both towns of Sutton and Douglas: leaching catch basins on Old Mill Rd; bioretention area on Manchaug Rd.; vegetated swales and more on Lackey Rd. and Holt Rd in Sutton and on Parker and Bigelow Roads in Douglas.

  Agricultural efforts will extend beyond education and work directly with a large farm operation to provide technical services for the design and implementation of agricultural BMPs and utilize the farm store location for a demonstration rain garden to educate customers.  Another educational component targets children and elementary groups providing NPS education and promoting watershed awareness.

Phase 1 project – Small roadside rain garden filters stormwater pollutants from street.

A huge thanks to all those on the MPF Board of Directors involved in the submission and execution of this grant, to the many teachers and various other educators who wrote letters of support, to our local farm for its total cooperation in promoting these goals with its customers, and to the towns of Douglas and Sutton for working with us in the installation of the roadside structures… all to improve the water quality of Manchaug Pond!  Thank you and stay tuned for updates and photos of our progress!