Outside My Window at First Light

Good morning! Our blog has been quiet here on Manchaug Pond as the end of 2010 brought a flurry of work and issues to keep us busy.  But with this major storm outside my window, I thought it was high time we brought Manchaug Pond back to the airwaves – especially for our migrating population who spends the winter offshore and in far off towns and states across the USA!

At first light, the wind is blowing around 30 mph with snow falling at a rate of 1-3″/hour and accumulating! 12 to 20″ is expected….

Further, the news is reporting 64,000 homes are without power but Manchaug Pond homes both in Douglas and Sutton are still a glow.

As the day progresses, we’d love to hear from others around the lake and in the Manchaug Pond watershed.  Send us your photos either by email or on Facebook or give us a line for Twitter!
We’ll try to get them all on!

It would also be great fun to hear from those off Manchaug Pond!  How’s the weather in sunny Florida, breezy California, or whereever you are wintering?