Whitins District Suggests Douglas Use Manchaug’s Water

Remember the 16 cfs of flow needed downstream for the Town of Douglas Waste Treatment Plant? Since the beginning of June, only 7 cfs, and during a brief period of rain 12cfs, have been flowing through the treatment plant.   This, combined with the need to maintain a flow for wildlife downstream, are the reasons Manchaug is always maintaining a flow through the low level gate. Updated in 2006, it actually does not close up tight. The Town of Douglas has stated that Interface, the Manchaug Pond dam owner, has been very cooperative in maintaining our contribution of the flow.

Sutton’s contribution today to the Mumford River from Steven’s Pond dam.

So here are a couple of the meetings which took place concerning the Town of Douglas and the Whitin Reservoir Watershed District, the need for a greater flow in the Mumford River,  and the suggestion that water sources other than Whitin Reservoir be tapped.

1.)  First listen to the meeting of the Whitin Reservoir Watershed District.
Go to: http://www.douglasma.org/cable/online_programs.php

Scroll down and click onto:
Whitin Reservoir Watershed Management Committee: August 25, 2010

Click to view the Whitin Reservoir Watershed Management Committee meeting dated August 25, 2010. The meeting length is approximately one hour and seventeen minutes.

Manchaug Pond’s water is discussed early in the agenda.

2.) then:
Board of Selectmen: September 7, 2010

Click to view the Board of Selectmen meeting dated September 7, 2010. The meeting length is approximately forty-two minutes. The agenda of this meeting is available here.

3.)  Next you can read the report in the Telegram Towns:


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Town looks at proposal to control Sutton dam


DOUGLAS —  Selectman Jeffrey LaPorte, a member of the Whitin Reservoir Watershed District’s management committee, suggested at last week’s Board of Selectmen meeting that Town Administrator Michael Guzinski look into the potential cost of having the town control the water flow through the dam at Manchaug Pond. The watershed district would like to purchase the pond, but not manage the dam.

“If it’s not prohibitive, would it be in our best interest to babysit the dam?” Mr. LaPorte asked, noting that downstream flow to Douglas, including to the water treatment plant, has been inadequate.

Mr. Guzinski said he plans to discuss the issue with the Sutton town administrator, since the Manchaug Pond dam is in Sutton.

Selectman Mitchell Cohen said having the town control multiple water supplies would likely require some type of mathematical formula. “There has to be something clean cut that says where the water is coming from,” he said.