Have you looked out your window lately? Moose in Sutton!

Can you believe it?!  This moose was caught on camera in Sutton just about 2 weeks ago on the south side of Central Turnpike!

Mass Wildlife says when you see a moose to stay a respectful distance away and enjoy the sight of this magnificent animal! I’d like to add to that advice: Don’t approach BUT get the camera, zoom it, take the photo and then be sure to email it to me so I can put it on the blog!!

Click here for more info from  MassWildlife’s Living with Moose

This moose sighting so close to home brings to mind the importance of open space as wildlife corridors. A past president of the MPA worked with the Metacomet Land Trust to begin the Lake Manchaug Greenway and Wildlife Corridor, an effort which seeks to establish a wildlife corridor just south of the area this moose was found which links the Douglas State Forest with the Sutton State Forest and Purgatory Chasm.

Here’s a look at the Metacomet map below of Sutton’s protected lands – Manchaug Pond is on the lower left side straddling the Douglas and Sutton line. 

A huge thank you to the photographers who captured the moose on film and emailed it to me!