Barefoot Skiers & Boating Hand Signals

The air temperature is 59F while the water temp. is 76F. Sunrise also finds a calm beauty on Manchaug Pond enjoyed by those with coffee mug in hand viewing from their porch or in the warmth of the house or for those in a wetsuit out on the lake for some barefoot skiing.

Here’s a list of hand signals you can use while skiing or tubing to help communication between the boat’s observer and the person at the end of the rope!

1 Speed up the boat: Thumb up.

2 Slow down the boat: Thumb down.

3 Cut Motor/Stop (also used by driver or observer): Slashing motion over the neck.

4 Turn the boat (also used by driver): Circle motion with arms over-head then point in desired direction.

5 Return to dock: Pat on the head.

6 OK or signal understood: OK signal with hand.

7 Skier OK after falling: Hands clasped over head.

Also take the online boating course promoted in the right hand margin!

For MPA Members, be sure to attend the MPA Annual Meeting to hear our speaker from the Worcester Sail and Power Squadron speak on Safe Boating!

Thank you to the MPA member/photographer for submiting today’s photos and temperature readings!