New York Camper and Fishing Club Check in…

This was the image at the Public Access Boat Ramp the day after our Spring Cleanup event. At 7:05 this morning another club, and another tournament was heard as the voice of the caller sent boats roaring out across the lake. Instead of starting at the ramp, the boats slowly moved up the channel and through the causeway and started on the other side.

The Town of Sutton who manages the state ramp reported last year gate receipts were so low they did not cover expenses. I would venture to say a first since they became managers at the MPA’s request in 1991, as we have a very popular ramp.

We are still getting run off from the hillsides of the watershed, bringing up the level of Manchaug Pond since the flashboards went in. The rain gauge has been near useless and the “Weather Channel” forecast widget has to go! I’m tired of 10 day forecasts with plenty of storm clouds and weather alerts with Manchaug Pond realizing none of it. Again this demonstrates the importance of capturing snow melt and rains beginning mid-March.

A bass club has offered to help and yesterday, a New York camper checked in concerned with this summer asking if Douglas Conservation Commission’s involvement means the waterlevel is still in questions even though the flashboards went in. You can read the comments and my response at the end of yesterday’s post. But the MPA views the Douglas Conservation Commission’s involvement as a very positive development. Since the dam is in Sutton, Douglas will probably look at the impact the waterlevel is having to the wetlands on the Douglas side.