Manchaug Pond is freezing – ice at every shore! With only freezing temperatures in the forecast, I am sure we will soon see the boat ramp loaded with ice fisherman, hear the hum of 4wheelers and snowmobiles and see the tracks of cross country skiis and ice skates. Whatever the waterlevel wasn’t for you this summer, it will soon be everything to those who love the lake in the winter. Get out the hot chocolate!

Also, as soon as I get the official report from last night’s Sutton Conservation Commission, I’ll let you know.

Now that the holidays are winding down and the internet connection here seems to be working, I can get back to blogging Manchaug Pond and MPA.

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  1. Here is the link to the engineering review that was done a few years ago pertaining to low flow in the Mumford River Basin, , once in the Whitin Res website go to link “low flow study”. It is very informative reading for those who can understand “Big Picture” as there are many competing factions for a very finite resource. Be forwarned, if you live in a microcosm and cannot or willnot accept the fact that there are other entities that have intrest in what happens on the downstream end do not waste your time as this report is quite in depth and will be an eye opener to some. Negotiation and compromise will be the only way to a successful end. As an outsider watching this blog over the last few years I see your MPA being that vehicle of getting to that point. Support them in this endevor. Also any ice thickness reports?

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