UPDATE: Enforcement Order & Fines Issued with Mumford River Affected

posted December 22, 2023

Sediment carrying runoff from the Oak Street Solar construction site in Douglas, Massachusetts has reached beyond Manchaug Pond and Stevens Pond further into the Mumford River. This morning at 10:00 a.m., visibly brown water was exiting the Stevens Pond dam to the village of Manchaug.  (full video can be viewed on the Manchaug Pond Facebook page)

Since the first incident on December 11th, Manchaug Pond Foundation has been calling for immediate action be taken to stop the erosion and prevent further impacts to Manchaug Pond and its watershed, as well as Stevens Pond and the Mumford River. Information as to the scope of the area affected, the potential for further erosion beyond the lake’s causeway/channel and to watershed streams including the Douglas trout coldwater fishery, and to concerns for future water quality impacts, are being brought to local and state officials, agencies and regional organizations. Additionally, the MPF president provided public testimony before recent both Douglas and Sutton Conservation Commission meetings.

The December 18th meeting of the Douglas Conservation Commission included a call for the company to put measures in place to prevent further erosion and runoff. (View at Douglas Cable You Tube)  A December 23 site walk is scheduled for commissioners.  Blue Wave stated the public will not be allowed on site.)

December 20th, the Sutton Conservation Commission unanimously voted to issue an enforcement order with a maximum daily fine of $300/day effective immediately and gave company representatives until December 27 to develop a Restoration Plan for the effected area. (View at Town of Sutton Cable You Tube beginning at 53:43)

A previous Manchaug Pond Foundation website post includes Douglas site inspections reports, site erosion plans, and other related documents.

The community is encouraged to join members of Manchaug Pond Foundation in documenting impacts on our Facebook page.  If you see something unusual, or sediment spreading into new areas, please report.  Thank you- your involvement, donations, and membership makes all the difference for Manchaug Pond!

Sediment runoff from Oak Street Solar construction site exits Stevens Pond flowing down the Mumford River to the village – December 22, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.



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