Clean up

Saturday, Lake & Watershed Cleanup

Let’s do it!

Clean up

Lake and Watershed-wide Cleanup of Lake Shoreline, Ramp, and Roadsides:

Manchaug Pond Foundation

The Manchaug Pond Foundation is organizing the annual fall cleanup of Manchaug Pond and its watershed for Saturday, October 22, 2022 from 9 AM to Noon.  You are needed to canvas the lake and watershed to remove litter and other potential threats to water quality:

  • in boats to cover the lake’s coves and shoreline,
  • walking the watershed roadsides,
  • at the public access boat ramp,
  • in vehicles to shuttle volunteers and pick up bags of trash.

Go it alone or meet anytime from 9 AM to 12:00 Noon at the Public Access Boat Ramp at 22 Torrey Road in Sutton to team up with others, get gloves and trash bags, and grab some refreshment and conversation. Event offers a community service opportunity for youth, scout, and church & community groups and any others needing documentation of time donated to a great cause!

All are invited to join Manchaug Pond strong! If you plan to go it alone or with your own team, please Contact us! with the neighborhood or roadside(s) you will be addressing so that we can maximize the area covered or meet at the public ramp before you head out.  Report your volunteer time, worth $36.38/hour, toward our required “in kind” match as part of our recently awarded s.319 Non-Point Source Pollution grant.

Watershed roads, in whole or in part, include (see map for details):

Douglas: Bigelow Rd., Hough Rd., Lakeshore Dr., Ledgestone Rd., Ledgewood Dr., Northwest Main St to the stop at Oak St., Parker Ct., Parker Rd., and Summer Ct.

Oxford: Buffalo Hill Rd., Douglas Drive, Douglas Pike, Douglas Rd., Sutton Ave., from Joe Jenny Road east to the town line, and Walters Dr.

Sutton: Boston Rd., Central Turnpike, Century Farm Rd., Douglas Rd., Glenn Ct., Holt Rd., Irma Jones Rd., Josefson Rd., Kart Rd., Lackey Rd., Manchaug Rd., Mendon Rd., Old Common Rd., Old Mill Rd., Parker Ct., Rich Rd., Sawmill Rd., Shore Dr., Torrey Rd., Town Farm Rd., Waters Rd., West Sutton Rd., to intersection at Town Farm Rd.

Special thanks to the Town of Sutton Highway Department and Transfer Station for their assistance in making this a successful event!

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Manchaug Pond is a beautiful 380 acre public natural resource located in Sutton and Douglas served by the Manchaug Pond Foundation, a 501(c)(3) all volunteer non-profit dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of this great pond of the Commonwealth through initiatives and programs addressing water quality, safe boating, water level/dam, aquatic plants, watershed conservation, and more. See our exhibit of new action around the lake of roadside filtering BMP structures and educational information for hobby farmers  offered advising best management practices (BMP) in the garden, pasture and around the barn to protect our water resources as well as residential Low Impact Development (LID) techniques such as landscaping with buffer zones and rain gardens to limit runoff of fertilizer nutrients and pet waste made possible through a Phase 3 EPA/MassDEP s.319 Non-point Pollution Grant. As all live in a watershed, additional resources for educators, students, lake visitors, residents and hobby farmers are also made available at the Foundation’s website or at the MassDEP’s new Massachusetts Clean Water Toolkit at

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