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Stand up for Manchaug Pond! Clean-up This Morning

Update posted April 30, 2018.

Spring Cleanup 2018

A sincerely thank you from our event coordinator to everyone who volunteered on National Superhero Day, April 28th, to help make the MPF Spring Clean-up Event such a success!  Your dedication makes all the difference for Manchaug Pond!

Let’s look at our success by the numbers:

  • Way too many branches cleared from the State Boat Ramp!
  • 20+ Construction trash bags
  • 20 Volunteers
  • 18 Pairs of latex gloves
  • 10 Roads surveyed and cleaned
  • 5 new volunteers from the lakeshore community
  • 2 youth volunteers
  • 1 Sutton Highway Department truck load of trash
  • 1/4 Box O’ Joe and
  • 0 Dunkin Munchkins donut holes remaining

Most unusual item found:  front end of a car found in a tree.

See you in the fall!


Posted April 28, 2018.

Manchaug Pond Foundation EventsStand up for Manchaug Pond as a steward and advocate!

Today get down and dirty for our annual spring clean-up joining in solidarity with the Manchaug Pond Foundation (MPF).  Come today any time between 9 a.m. and Noon with members and friends of the Manchaug Pond Foundation in the annual spring clean-up event of Manchaug Pond and the watershed.

Plan to meet at the state Public Access Boat Ramp on Torrey Road in Sutton or just jump in where you live, work or play in the watershed! Volunteers are hitting the pavement and the waves with trash bags in hand to clean the roadsides, shoreline, and boat ramp – working in teams to pick up litter and to survey areas within the lake’s water watershed for potential sources of pollution. Good company, refreshments, trash bags, and rubber gloves will be provided.  Let’s break the record for volunteers participating, roads covered, and trash collected!

The Manchaug Pond Foundation’s educational events look to improve the water quality of the picturesque 380 acre community lake and its watershed which lies within Sutton, Douglas, and Oxford through the education of the many users and watershed residents. Educational information on residential Low Impact Development (LID) techniques such as landscaping with buffer zones and rain gardens to limit runoff of fertilizer nutrients will be available to participants. Educational materials have been made possible by the MPF’s previous two water quality grants awarded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). Visit our many pages clicking away to resources, games and more information at

Manchaug Pond, where every day is Earth Day! 

Special thanks to the Sutton Highway Department for cooperating in this effort.

For more information contact us and be sure to visit our Events at a Glance page often as we present other community activities and events for 2018. Scout troops, clubs, students, fishing clubs and other community groups are also invited to join in.


Celebrating over 50 years of advocacy and action for Manchaug Pond!

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