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Waterlevel Update: Manchaug Pond a FULL+ Reservoir

Manchaug Pond Foundation

Three docks show the lake’s current waterlevel, May 15, 2017.

This weekend’s rainfall and watershed runoff has brought the waterlevel of Manchaug Pond further pass the “full” mark. While we all love a full lake, wet coves and singing spring wetlands, the Manchaug Pond Foundation’s Waterlevel & Dam Committee reached out to the dam caretaker for an update.

Shoreline shows waterlevel receding today.

This morning’s report included not only Manchaug Pond’s full plus status but that the waterlevel at Stevens Pond was up as well. Here at Manchaug Pond, water has been flowing over the top of the flashboards and out the spillway as the dam naturally sheds excess water once “full” is realized. The low-level gate has also been open but this morning the caretaker opened the gate a bit more but could not fully open due to conditions downstream.  The extra flow was enough to successfully bring the waterlevel down a couple inches by this evening (see photo of shoreline).

Manchaug Pond serves as a reservoir preventing flooding downstream and capturing and holding water for use through the drier summer months.  Visit for updates and further reports on the Waterlevel & Dam page found under ConservationContact us directly with any question or concerns as we continue to monitor and to work with the dam caretaker.

UPDATE:  Higher waterlevel is getting “Its awesome” Likes on Facebook and a call to “leave it as is!”  

Water level held at a good and safe level through the week with no flooding occurring.  Thank you to the dam caretakers for their attentive dedication.