An Owl’s Call This Still Morning

Four mornings has seen the lake calm and smooth like a mirror with not a ripple. Earlier today, the sound an owl could be heard calling, calling in the darkness.

Did you hear it? Was it the call of the Great Horned Owl… listen

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  1. We’ve been hearing a Great Horned Owl near-by, here at the south end of the pond. We’ve also heard an owl answering from the distance.

  2. Dick, thank you for confirmation on the Great Horned Owl! I have only heard it once this year but will keep a closer watch. Wouldn’t a photo be great?!

    Owl Moon by Jane Yolan was always a favorite children’s book with my family. Never to old for a great story – I’ll have to give it another read either by myself or with one of the grandchildren!

    Good to hear from you!

    On another note: the Pileated woodpeckers have been extremely vocal the past month!

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