MPA Annual Meeting 2009: You! The Membership

This year’s MPA Annual Meeting took place at a location we know well and has been home to many meetings over many decades – the YMCA’s Camp Blanchard.

The Dining Hall held the close to 80 attendees (if you count the kitchen crew!) – who came together on a perfect hot summer day to hear the reports and updates outlining the many hours of effort on behalf of the lake and to the benefit of the many who enjoy this resource.

After the business meeting, our speaker gave a humorous look at boat safety,

passed out the latest copy of the Massachusetts Boater’s Guide, and offered safe vessel checks for all boats on Manchaug during Boat Safety Week 2010.

The day ended with a social and luncheon with plenty of delicious food! New MPA logo embroidered t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, visors were available at cost to members and updated maps of lakeshore residents were for the taking. The educational 319 stormwater grant display and brochures were also available for more info.

So…Favorites of the day?

Definitely #1 would be Paul’s homemade seafood chowder – rave reviews!

The price tag for annual herbicide applications for aquatic weed control got a few laughs – shocked laughs in light of our conservative treasury!

The humor of the Worcester County Sail and Power Squadron speaker was appreciated… funny how life jackets shrink over time!

The “safety green” colored t-shirts were definitely a pleaser! In fact size medium and large shirts of all colors were sold out!

The results of the 2009 Weed Survey conducted by Lycott Environmental stirred quite a few hearts as a group has already formed to schedule a day for a weed pull. (We have two weeds that are best controlled by hand harvesting.)

And of course the new effort to expand our current organization – growing with the times and the issues – will allow for new possibilities – grant donations we turned down this year because of our present 501 status, the ability to receive land to protect our watershed and perhaps even our waterlevel, and the benefit to our members of a tax deductable donation for all contributions, etc.

Our close to 100 paid members received the agenda and minutes to the Annual Meeting in the mail prior to the meeting. If you forgot to pay your dues – drop a check in the mail or give it to the Treasurer and that will get you back on the mailing list!