Fall in the air! Time for cleanups.

Nighttime temps may be in the 40’s with the beginning of the autumn season, but the days remain lovely on Manchaug with sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s. This is good weather for cleaning up boats and putting stuff away for the winter season.

If you are looking to do any work along the shoreline or put in a new dock, be sure to check out the local regulation. The MPA will be sending to all members an informational flyer put together by the Douglas Conservation Commission. This flyer was also available at our Spring Social, Annual Meeting and as part of the grant exhibit. You can check the town conservation websites for specific regulations:


MPA has two cleanups scheduled: This Saturday, September 26th for emergent aquatic weeds and October 17th for trash along the shoreline and area roads and the boat ramp.

All MPA members, campers, and Manchaug Pond users are invited to join us for both events. We will meet at the Public Access Boat Ramp at 9 am and fan out from there. If you can’t join us until later, come along and look for the work groups along the shore, roads and at the ramp!

The Weed Cleanup is a new event targeting two new infestations of reeds/cattail beds and on the look out for more purple loosestrife. Our weed survey conducted July 2009 by Lycott Environmental recommends hand harvesting is best with these “pioneer” infestations.

Forecast looks great for Saturday – see you then! Bring gloves, boots, sharp shovels and anything else you may need! Questions? contact us at infoMPA@charter.net and I’ll put you in touch with Jim the event coordinator.

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  1. I filed for and recieived a chapter 91 waterways permit. Does anyone else have one of these? The funny thing was at the end of this process I had to go to the registry of deeds to record the license. The first person I talked to had never seen a waterways license so he went to get his boss. The boss did not know what to do because he had never seen one either. They eventually rubber stamped it and recorded it like all the other paper that goes through there.
    I am yet to talk to anyone who has one of these waterway licenses. And yet year after year I watch new docks go in the pond. I guess it comes down to how visable your property is from the road and or how nice your nieghbors are to you. The good thing is that it is good for 10 years.

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