Manchaug’s Big Birds -How about this one!

Do you know this one? A few days ago this big bird circled and flew in dipping close to the road in front then going up to land on a neighboring house. Sat on the roof quite awhile looking around and sunning its wings. All was silent in the area including that rooster we often hear in the distance, and the small flock of chickens here went inside their coop.

Look at that distinctive head to help you identify….

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  1. Lock up the chickens,I believe that is a Turkey Vulture. I have seen a few “sunning” themselves on the large shoreline rocks during the summer and sometimes congregating on Blueberry Island when it is deserted…which is not often these days!

  2. I have had this bird walking on my site at Manchaug camping. Offered him a beer…..he just kept on walking around with no interest in a refreshment……kinda looks like a scarry turkey gone bad!


  3. I believe that is a remote control surveillance camera watching over Manchaug Pond and it’s water level.Does anyone know the operator ?


  4. Although it does look a bit mechanical, I do believe it is a real, live Turkey Vulture!

    And Bubby! I am so glad you are still with us living the drama of Manchaug Pond! Perhaps beer is not his refreshment of choice…

  5. Awwwwww thanks! I just could’nt walk away so easily now…. :()

    I did meet your hubby out on the lake a few weeks back…….out on the island…….I’m not 100% sure of his name..Dave? But he was a very nice guy! We talked about the pontoon boat and how he plans on doing some work to it soon. Think he had some issues with moss for sure! Almost looked like he was growing veggies on the floor!


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