Yes, Telegram File Photo Incorrect

Yes, yes! You are correct. The T & G file photo appearing on the front page of the local section of the Sunday Telegram is NOT on, in or near Manchaug Pond. See for yourself:

Captioned: “The old dam sits in the middle of Manchaug Pond.”

With all those trees, and other green leafy growth, it makes you wonder if the reporter and editor have ever been in the middle of a 380 acre pond. Usually when you are in the middle of a pond you are surrounded by water…
… but then there are 17 dams in the town of Sutton alone so it could be difficult choosing a file photo of the correct dam.

Our next post will look at photos of the dams on this end of the Mumford River including photos of Manchaug Pond’s dam. I’ll see if I can find the old dam that sits in the middle of the pond.

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  1. cant we talk about why interface has taken out 2 flashboards.what ever the water level is now, thats it. the water cant come up any further.

  2. I did not know that I needed approval to save this lake. If thats the case this site is a joke!!! WHERES THE COMMUNICATION? WE HAVE NONE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Two flashboards are out, M7 and M6. M7 was never put in and M6 was recently removed. If you go back to the post on Sunday, July 5th with the video of the dam, I reported that we had finally reached a peak level and added:

    “BUT remember….

    1.) The waterlevel will be coming down from now on as the dam owner, Manchaug Reservoir Corporation c/o Interface of Atlanta, Georgia, will be following the 1930 Rule Curve elevation – not actual historic levels. This means the water level was to peak in June (an elevation of 518.3 which was never reached) and then starts to drop off in July.”

    Why? When the dam owner asked the Sutton Conservation Commission (SCC) if they could maintain a lower water level, SCC issued an Order of Conditions which upheld ACTUAL HISTORIC LEVELS – which is what we are used to.

    The dam owner then appealed the SCC Order to MassDEP who mandated that the 1930 Rule Curve be maintained. That is what we are currently under.

    Hope that clears things up for you a bit. The water level is on its way down for the fall- winter drawdown. Remember the 1930 Rule Curve peaks in June and looks like a mountain, not the plateau in the level during spring/summer/fall which we are used to. Not ideal but at least DEP saved our coves and wetlands this spring and summer!

  4. I was just told that MRC will be allowed to remove one more board before August first. What a sad state of affairs!

  5. Yes, today we will also talk about the BLOB! It was found here last season and was the topic at a Board of Director’s meeting, the August Annual Meeting and noted by many MPA members in a recent survey….

  6. To the second anonymous commenter – dated July 22nd:

    I hear your frustration and pain over this whole process! But I must add that etiquette/participation rules in blogs, yahoo groups, etc. do not allow for insults, caps and repeated ! – they are a no no. Ask your questions, make suggestions, and be polite or go elsewhere please.

    In answer to your statements- I have no clue what you are taking about!

    First, no one needs anyone’s approval to take individual action for this lake. If you are the latest buyer MRC refers to in the Telegram – by all means have your lawyer set up the meeting, cut the check, and buy the dam to “save this lake!” No approval need! My thanks to you on your unselfish, generous act!

    But as part of an organization, the members of the MPA work together to reach the goal which best preserves the lake and the organization – we do not work independently of each other. If you are a member you know full well the association has been working full time on this issue since 2006 spending considerable time and resources. There will be no single MPA hero or heroine. If you are not happy with your elected MPA officers, directors, etc consider volunteering for a committee or running for office yourself – next year is an election year.

    Next as a reader, if you are not happy with this website … please feel free to tune out and start your own! blogger and wordpress make it easy to start your own blog!

    Fourth, Communication? 37 posts in July, 24 in June… never has technology allowed the MPA to bring Manchaug Pond, on a daily basis, to our members, friends, the state and the world! 488 different readers this year!

    And if you are on the Board of Directors – your Blackberry/iPhone/laptop buzzes with the latest news as it hits the officers’ ears or email.

    If you are a member the June Spring Social told you exactly what is going on and where we are going. In fact the MPA was criticized for too much communication with one property owner asking repeatedly for a retraction as the report was “alarming” Further, the President reported the options the Board of Directors explored, asked for direction and sent the Board and committee working! Sounds like plenty of communication to me.

    So as the Corresponding Secretary – it is my job to ask – what do you want to know? What would you like to see on this blog?

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