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Blob Travels over Falls to Manchaug Pond

Can you identify this one? A camper found it this weekend on the shoreline at the inlet. Manchaug Pond property owners reported in a recent survey seeing it last summer…

Do you know it? Take a guess! and then I’ll tell you more…

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  1. Is it some type of trash or waste? Oh, I hope that is not the case. I would hate to think that there are some gelatnous blobs of slime from someone’s septic tank floating around in the water….just waiting for an unsuspecting swimmer to brush by it. Even talking about it is giving me the creeps! Please hurry and let us know what it is!

  2. I have seen several this year! The ones under water are attached to stones. They have more patterns on them. They come in different sizes and are round or oval in shape.

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