A Dam, 2 Docks and Conservation

Flashboards are still in! Water continues to come up but as you can see we still have a ways to full. If you look on the left side of the boards you’ll see little red tags. Each board is numbered. 4 boards are visible, 3 underwater making for 7 total. Once they are all under water, we are told we will have realized a 3 1/2 foot increase in the level of the water.

A buzz around the lake shows a few boats at docks in the campgrounds as the campers arrive at their summer homes. Seasonal cottages and year round homes are still pretty quiet and docks which spent the fall and winter on the shore are floating away with the rising waters. These two where photographed yesterday evening. I am sure they will be rescued and secured over the weekend.

On another note, a few MPA members are heading out this morning to River Bend Farm in Uxbridge to attend a workshop given by the New England Wildflower Society and the Metacomet Land Trust on Invasive Species from 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
As you may know, Metacomet conserves properties right here in the Manchaug Pond Watershed – with an MPA Past President instrumental in securing those properties to be protected as conservation lands and to help preserve lake water quality, and secure wildlife corridors linking the Sutton State Forest and the Douglas State Forest.

Todays workshop components include:
· a review of the identification of 20 invasive plants,
· a discussion of survey methods, documentation and
mapping (with GPS) in the field, and,
· an outdoor session where actual invasive plants will be

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