Another email concerned over the low waterlevel

This was forwarded to the MPA early this afternoon. Just one of many calls and emails we have fielded. This email is another which was sent to the Office of Dam Safety who is welcoming the input of residents and lake users.

“I have been a summer resident of Manchaug Pond in Douglas MA since 1984. During that period we have seen many years of high water, thanks to the stewardship of Guilford Industries (Interface, as it is now known). They were forever watchful of weather forecasts and would react to impending situations before they became problems.

The spillway at the dam has been adequate all these years and as I can recall the flashboards were very seldom used to control the water level. The low-level gate had always been sufficient. I feel that if the continued monitoring of weather conditions and lake level continues there should be little concern about the safety of those downstream.

My concerns also go to septic systems. Each year, there would be a drawdown of the water in the fall to prevent damage to walls, etc from ice, allow for some repairs if necessary, and to help control the weed growth in the pond. One year the MPA requested that the water be lowered and kept lower than usual for the winter. We were advised that the lower level for an extended period of time would effect the hydraulics that work in keeping septic ground water from entering the lake. This way beyond my knowledge but it may be possible.

Your consideration of this information would be appreciated.”