Deer Me! Let me give you this thought!

As you drive Torrey Road in Area 3 be ready to brake for deer! Yesterday evening this deer was enjoying a few apples. One foggy morning last week at about 7 a.m., my daughter saw a doe with 3 fawns cross Irma Jones Road. They are common around the lake and in the watershed. And I should probably add – a little too used to us all.

Lyme Disease is also prevelant in this area and I’ll talk about that in a later post but…

…here’s a thought the MPA Board and membership hasn’t discussed….
Last week our MPA President has found grant opportunities open just to municipalities/municipal districts – thousands of $$ awarded to conservation: to preserve greenways and open space to allow for wildlife corridors, to protect special habitats, and to reduce development in watersheds. We did have a property owner from Douglas offer land in the watershed to the MPA for preservation. The MPA is not in the position to do that so I suggested he try groups such as the Trustees of Reservations and the Metacomet Land Trust or another Conservation group. But…. a watershed district could be given the mission and the tools needed to maintain some of the forested lands in our watershed. Also available to municipals and landowners are grants to maintain our forested resources responsibly and economically- so that landowners are not force to sell to developers. On Manchaug Road, our Sutton planner was instrumental a few years ago in working with new landowners to develop retreat lots on larger parcels to allow for the building of their new home and yet protect large tracks of land in the watershed. Let’s at least be open to look at the possibilities and the options!