The MPA in the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle

The Millbury-Sutton Chronicle reported in their October 5th issue the MPA coming before the Sutton Board of Selectman’s September 26th meeting to ask for their support of a Manchaug Pond District. It is a very lengthy article which highlights concerns and questions of the selectman. The article does get quite a few things wrong starting from the MPA President’s name to the fact that the MPA did present the Board with 129 signatures representing 75% of the property owners and those with deeded water rights around Manchaug Pond who support the initiative. The report also fails to capture the intent of the people around Manchaug Pond and why we want a municipal district: to give property owners around the lake a voice! To empower each of us so we can take care of our lake and maintain the water level and secure state and federal $$ to be spent on Manchaug Pond for what we feel is important. The Town told us they don’t want our dam or the waterrights and don’t have the $$ to maintain it! The state wants to breech every dam it can and has also stated they won’t help. The Corp of Engineers doesn’t want it. Well guess what… we want it! We love our lake – it is a beautiful resource, a beautiful place to be. The district is NOT about regulating boat motors and trampolines, raising taxes, or taking people’s property or about Singletary Lake as the article states. It is about us taking control and deciding what we want for Manchaug Pond.

The attorney, Walter Jabs told us the people at Burncoat paid between $35 and $50 toward their district the first year! Our association’s dues are more than that! A pair of sneakers is more that that! Isn’t it worth each of us having control of the water in front of our home?!

The Manchaug Pond District is the only way to go. For our lake, our homes and our pocketbooks!

Foggy Sunday morning taken by MPA 1st VP from Area 2 on October 8th.