Water Level Update

Email from a Board Member: “If the lake is to be taken down as previously stated of 15′ feet or more, the loss of marine life, problems with wells and the possible leaching of septic, is a very real concern. Surely there has to be some method of water level containment in close proximity to the dam that would allow the work to be done. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments.”

Response from the MPA President:
“I have been in contact with the spokesman for the dam owner. I have expressed our concerns regarding shallow wells and septic systems. We, the MPA Board of Directors, have drafted a letter faxed and mailed this letter. The dam owner has hired an engineer to put together a proposal of the project and present it to Con-Com and the DCR (Dam Safety). Our letter of concern will be present at the proposal. Last conversation I had with the spokesman for the dam owner was the water level will only to be dropped 5′ below the spillway or 9′ not 16′. I was assured they will contact all abutters via mailing or hand delivery to the abutters property.”

Info from a Sutton Conservation Commission member:
“A rep for the dam owner was at the Con Comm meeting last Wed. to secure the drawdown permit from the Town, which we gave them. I requested specifically that they inform all the residents around the Pond and the Army Corps of Engineers and to provide Con Comm with copies of all the permits they also needed from DFW and Office of Dam Safety.”

Hope you enjoy this evening’s photos.