The Diver Has Arrived!

Here’s a couple photos for you all so that you can take a look for yourself.

The diver is in the water as I write this. See the bubbles in the water-the diver is in the water under those bubbles, see the hose the man on the dam wall is guiding – this goes from the truck carrying air to breathe, warm water to keep his body warm and wires for communication from the truck, etc. to the diver. The company always has a man in the back of the truck with the communication -radio and camera, telling the one, two or more men on the dam how to assist the man in the water. The diver’s first task is to remove the sandbags and sheets of kevlar fabric which were used to block the flow earlier in the season when the gate broke.

A good number of vehicles are on the road.
Our MPA photographer reports that unlike other times when work has been done on the dam, the Sutton Police are there directing traffic, officials from the town and state are there overseeing things, and the Sutton Rescue Squad is present. The Town Highway Department also has their superintendent there as he has been instructed by the state to keep the dam at Steven’s Pond (the next pond down) fully open to prepare for the increased flow.

Stay tuned! I’ll give you the official status report from the dam owner later in the day.