MPA Emergency Mtg June 22!

Our dam is scheduled to be sold. As of Friday it was not yet on the market, but it will go as well as the Guilford mill and the other to dams: Guilboa and Whitin.

MPA President Dave Schmidt and the Board of Directors have been monitoring the situation; speaking directly with Guilford, their law firm, and leading residents of Whtin Reservoir; as well as exploring the options which would best benefit us- the people who live on and near the lake.

Thursday, June 22nd at 7pm at St Anne’s Church hall, the MPA is calling a meeting of all members and interested parties to decide what action we need to take.

A guest speaker, the District Clerk of the Cedar Meadows Watershed District, will tell you how the dam on his lake was sold to a private party who proceeded to let the water level down and tried to get $$ from the residents before he would raise the level. This went on for 7 years until they united to form an association and take control of the water rights and the dam through the subsequent formation of a watershed district.

We have an association- the MPA. We have a great working relationship with Guilford. The time is NOW before the dam is sold.

Spread the word and attend this important meeting. It does effect you!

Remember…it wasn’t that long ago that the lake was way down…