Tiger muskie

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  1. Think there are still pike and muskies in manchaug. A presumed fish dragged an unattended pole in the water 20 feet or more. On the line for bait was a small 3 inch bluegill casted out 30 yards or so. Line soared to coastal cove and gone in 45 seconds. Could have been an otter or muskrat? Not in the middle?
    We also caught several healthy pickerel, large mouth bass, perch, two white perch, one golden shiner, and one large catfish. Where are the small mouth in this lake? We were close to holbrooks place.

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    Hello Mark! Yes, there have been recent reports/catches of pike and muskies in the lake. One could have taken your baited line but a snapping turtle could also have taken! Manchaug has big ones with Holbrooks a common hang out – in the cove and laying eggs on the sandy beach (visit on our Manchaug Pond youtube). Anyone want to tell where the smallmouths can be found in the lake!

    Thanks for your comment! Happy fishing!

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