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Manchaug Pond Watershed Water Quality Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Manchaug Pond Watershed Water Quality Survey. The Manchaug Pond Foundation (MPF) has received grant funds to help improve the water quality of Manchaug Pond and its watershed, and to provide outreach to watershed residents. This survey is CONFIDENTIAL with the results being an important part in guiding how the MPF can further assist in the protection of local water resources.


Part 1 - General Information

2.) What type of activities do you believe contribute to water pollution in your neighborhood? (Check all that apply.)

3.) Which of the following have you seen in your neighborhood? (Check all that apply.)

Part 2 - Lawn Care and Yard Maintenance

6.) Select the following products that are applied to your lawn.  (Check all that apply.)

Part 3 - Lawn and Yard Waste Disposal

12.) What is your biggest challenge when disposing of yard waste?  (Check top 2 choices.)

13.) If, in your opinion, proper disposal is a problem in your neighborhood - which of the following seems to be the best solution?  (Check top 2 choices.)

Part 4 - Pet/Animal Waste

16.) In your opinion, what are the top 2 reasons why people don't pick up after their dog?

If yes, how many?

18.) If you own animals other than dog, how do you rid your area of waste/manure?

20.) To help gauge the future MPF educational and outreach efforts, what additional information would be useful to you:

Thank you for completing this survey.  All responses are confidential and will be compiled by CEI Environmental, 225 Cedar Hill Road, Marlborough, MA  01752.   You will not be contacted or added to any mailing lists or solicitations.


The Manchaug Pond Foundation (MPF) is the only organization dedicated exclusively to the preservation of Manchaug Pond and it's watershed.  Staffed 100% by volunteers and operating at the grass roots level, Manchaug Pond needs you!

Our efforts and activities range from advocacy and education, testing and action, weed surveys and invasive weed pulls, fund raising, grant writing and management, community outreach and more.  We serve the entire watershed where you live.  If you are interested in learning more about Manchaug Pond or would like to be part of Manchaug Pond Foundation activities please contact us or visit us at this website for more information.


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