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Tonight! A Residential Guide to Stormwater Webinar

A Residential Guide to Stormwater 
Wednesday, May 12th
6:00pm- 7:30pm EST
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Webinar Description:

What people do in and around their homes can impact stormwater runoff and the water quality in your nearby rivers, lakes and ponds. In this training hosted by the Providence Stormwater Innovation Center, residents will learn stormwater-friendly landscaping, horticulture tips, techniques, and how to treat your yard like a small ecosystem. The chemicals and pesticides you use in and around your home can be detrimental to your own plants and habitat as well as to downstream water quality. The training will also provide information on how to design, size, construct and maintain residential rain gardens and rain barrels. Rain garden site assessment, soil analysis, plant selection and safety measures are all critical elements to consider when constructing a rain garden on your home.

This training is provided by the Providence Stormwater Innovation Center in partnership with the SNEP Network.

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Trainers:Lee Ann Freitas, Botanical Center Director, Providence Parks Department

Amelia Rose, Director, Groundwork Rhode Island

Steve Ricci, Director of Field Operations, Groundwork Rhode Island

Jake Gorke, Ranger, Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council

Sara Canuel, Education Director, Woonasquatucketer River Watershed Council

Providence Stormwater Innovation Center Video Recordings:

The video recording of this training will be available on the SNEP Network website and on the Providence Stormwater Innovation Center’s website in the VIDEO LIBRARY along with a pdf of the slide deck.