Manchaug Pond’s Reflection

Posted May 16, 2021

Recently the members and friends of the Manchaug Pond Foundation felt the passing of more than one long-standing member – dear neighbors and friends to us in our life here on Manchaug Pond.

At an outdoor service for one of these held so dear, a niece Beth and her husband Ray read a beautiful poem they had written as a heartfelt tribute to one of our dedicated friends and of the pond he loved and lived.  In remembrance, we would like to share with all of you:

Manchaug Pond’s Reflection

She is always in your vision, her surface like a mirror.
A barometer of all nearby, her power never clearer.

You greet her every morning, she tucks you in at night.
She is always there in the background, never far from your sight.

A sunlit breeze, the rustling leaves, the glistening morning dew.
Like a soft caressing touch, she feeds the calm in you.

In the evening moonlight’s glow, in shadows she will hide,
but though her surface ever changing, you’re always by her side.

In the hazy summer heat, her playful side goes on display.
The visitors will come and go, but here is where you stay.

On stormy days her surface churned by rain and cold wind’s chase,
but then the sun peeks through the clouds, like your comforting embrace.

Today, like tears from heaven’s clouds, the rain would not give way,
the mourning for her old friend, who God had called away.

Here, the echos of your life remain, like the sound of childhood laughter,
sweet moments of your life she stores, for safe keeping ever after.

Manchaug Pond sunset the evening before the passing of a dear neighbor.