Updates: Lake-level of Manchaug Pond & Annual Meeting

Posted August 20, 2020

July 22, 2020 Aerial of Manchaug Pond. Photo by Russ Spain

 Lake Water Level

The Manchaug Pond Foundation {MPF} has recently been receiving multiple questions and complaints concerning the water level of Manchaug Pond this summer.  The Town of Sutton operates the Manchaug Pond dam, and strives to set the water level of the pond to a ‘rule curve’ or optimum level through the year which has been developed in partnership with the MPF.  During the summer months, the rule curve directs that the pond water level be kept full.  However the Sutton Conservation Committee approval of this rule curve requires a minimum level of water outflow at all times to maintain the environment downstream.    In addition to evaporation, during drought conditions there is not enough water inflow to replace the mandated outflow.  Whereas the Town of Sutton also owns and operates the Stevens Pond dam, conditions there must also be assessed. We have confirmed with the Town that the dam is currently set with a 1/2″ outflow as it has been all summer addressing, as best possible, the needs of Manchaug Pond and Stevens.  Since this has been the second driest Summer on record in the Worcester area, there is unfortunately nothing more we can do to help the situation.


Annual Meeting of the Members

As a reminder, the Members’ Annual Meeting is being held outdoors on August 29th at our Overlook at Beaton Farm, 54 Waters Rd, Sutton, 10:00 a.m. – rain date of August 30th.  Details can be found on our website, under the Events section.  Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Russ Spain, President

Manchaug Pond Foundation



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