Manchaug Pond Foundation July 4th Lighting of the Shoreline

Tonight – Lighting of the Manchaug Pond Shoreline

Posted September 2, 2018

Live or camp Manchaug Pond?  Love the celebrating?  Keep it going tonight …

Lighting of the Shoreline 2009 ~ photo by Heidi Schmidt

Join in solidarity with the Manchaug Pond Foundation in the Lighting of the Shoreline at 8:30 PM tonight, Sunday evening, September 2nd on this Labor Day weekend! It’s the last big weekend on the lake as the weather cools, children go back to school and the summer vacation season comes to an end.  With flares, Tiki torches, and campfires, light your waterfront or campsite showing solidarity with the Manchaug Pond Foundation to make a spectacular and safe end of the season.

A long-standing tradition begun over 40 years ago, setting the shoreline of Manchaug Pond aglow on the eves of July 4th and Labor Day, the practice was suggested at the 1974 MPA Annual Meeting by member Professor Robert Nunnemacher after experiencing the practice at a lake in New York and loving the effect. The MPA membership unanimously voted that day to bring the practice to Manchaug Pond where it has been a tradition ever since.

Manchaug Pond Foundation

Drone look of Lighting of the Shoreline ~ photo by Timothy Marcotte

If you didn’t purchase your flares at the August Annual Meeting,  contact us to purchase,  see one of our board member,  or try the local campground store.   Cost is $5. a piece for eco-friendly, environmentally safe traditional marine/road flares and/or $10 for a 3 pack of Life Gear LED flares.

Not a member or haven’t paid your dues yet this year?  Make a tax-deductible donation online today!

Also, we would be remiss if we didn’t offer a special shout-out to the Sutton Police Department Boat Patrol for promoting safe boating on Manchaug Pond this afternoon! Your time on the waters educating and patrolling are greatly appreciated!



Celebrating over 50 years of advocacy and action for Manchaug Pond!

Manchaug Pond Foundation

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