Manchaug Pond Foundation Watershed

Sutton Votes No Industrial Solar in Residential

Posted May 21, 2018.

Thank you to the many who spoke out and worked for the preservation of Manchaug Pond and beyond!

At a well-attended May 14th town meeting, Sutton voters came out in force to vote down industrial solar in residential neighborhoods preserving the town’s rural character and guarding the forests and water resources of the three proposed solar sites.

Manchaug Pond Foundation Watershed

Aerial by Russell Spain of northern watershed hillside of Aldrich Mill Pond and Manchaug Pond showing 44 Old Mill Road/226 Putnam Hill Road parcel.

With over 600 voters in attendance as well as property owners, abutters, and other interested parties, the meeting was held in the gymnasium of the high school to accommodate the many looking to set the town’s future course on this major issue and others.  Selectman John Hebert opened with decisive testimony speaking with experience and concern for the quality of life offered by the town citing past votes against industrial solar in R-1 zones and concerns for our lakes and ponds specifically noting Lake Manchaug. Not alone, he represented the heart of the great majority of those in attendance who came from all corners of the Sutton to speak up and vote against solar in support of the town’s rural character and scenic roads, for forests and the environmental benefit of trees, for the five lakes/ponds to be negatively impacted by the proposals, and for Manchaug Pond’s eagles and other wildlife citing research on solar’s damaging lake effect to birds and the fencing out of wildlife,  decreased property values, and more.

Thank you to all for this tremendous community effort and outcome protecting Manchaug Pond and beyond!

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