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A Request for Flag Etiquette… How do I hang the flag on my house?

Whether you display the flag of our country year-round or just in celebration on special days such as Memorial Day (last Monday in May ), Flag Day (June 14th), Independence Day (July 4th), Veterans Day (November 11th), we want to get it right!

Here are a few highlights:

Display of the American flag

Behind a Speaker? Display horizontally behind and above the speaker’s head.

American Flag

Flat against a wall? Display horizontally or vertically with Canton at flags own right. (or to viewers left)

Vertical American Flag
American Flag

In a window? Display vertically with Canton at flags own right. (or to outside viewers left)

Vertical American Flag

Displaying an American flag outside my House

On a Pole attached to the wall?  Hang Flag at the top of a pole either horizontally or diagonally from the wall with any other flags below it on the same staff or another staff.

On a horizontal rope from a building?  Hang flag vertical with the Canton farthest from the building.


Displaying an American flag on a Flagpole

More than one flag on a pole? The US Flag should always fly above other flags and should be the same size or larger than the others.

One flag each on many poles? The US Flag should always fly on it’s own right. When flying with other country flags all flags should be the same size and fly at the same height as the others.

Can I leave my American flag out at night?  The US Flag should always fly in light. If you can see the flag clearly either by mounting a light directed towards it or because of street lights or house lights than it can remain outside during the night. It may also be economical to bring your flag in during harsh weather to save it from excessive tearing. Most flags are considered all-weather however if you buy a 2-ply polyester flag it is the industries strongest and longest lasting flag available.


For a more complete understanding as to the treatment and display of the flag, consult the U.S. Flag Code.

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