Annual draw-down of lake begins

Posted October 11, 2017Manchaug Pond Foundation Waterlevel

After a beautiful summer with continually optimal water-levels contributing to safe recreation and healthy fisheries and the broader lake ecosystem, the annual winter draw-down of Manchaug Pond’s water-level begins.

Yesterday the dam caretaker decided to open the low-level gate, just a few inches he reports this morning, to slowly start the draw-down process letting out of Stevens Pond as well. He relates a recordable drop will show in about a week, with the water-level dropping an inch or two per day after that. By early January the lake will reach an anticipated low of between 4.5 and 6 feet.

We entered October just 10 inches below full with the water loss due to evaporation and lack of rain but came up a couple inches over this past holiday weekend through rain and runoff. Last year at this time the lake was 13 inches, and the year before down 8 inches, below the full mark.

Please be aware of this process making adjustments/arrangements for docks and boats along the shoreline to accommodate the reduced water level. Public access through the state boat ramp continues to be available with the draw-down but boaters should be aware of Manchaug Pond’s shallow, rocky characteristic.

Visit our Waterlevel & Dam website page for more details, checking in regularly for a look at what’s happening throughout the seasons.

Special thanks to the Town of Sutton for the commendable work managing the waterlevel and dam.