Aquatic Plants

Floating weeds/plants washing up on your shore. What to do…

From William Langlois, MPF Aquatic Plant Survey Teams
posted August 16, 2017

You may have seen floating masses of weeds in the lake this season.

The handling of these floating plants is important.

The majority of the plants are Najas or bushy pondweed. This aquatic plant can be spread by fragmentation – plant pieces floating in the lake that can travel and take root in new locations.

Aquatic Plants

Najas raked from the lake this season.


1) Please remove these floating weed masses from the lake. A rake works for large masses of weeds.

2) Dispose of the plants in a compost pile or similar way well away from the pond.

For information on aquatic invasives or to see a few photos from our surveys, visit our website Conservation – NO Invasives! page.

Watch out for us on the water later this month as our two teams conduct our annual 50 point aquatic plant survey of Manchaug Pond.  To join the team, contact us.

Thanks for your help in protecting the lake!


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