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Water-level rising quickly!

In the past two weeks, snow melt, rainfall, and watershed runoff has caused a significant rise in the water-level of Manchaug Pond. With saturated soils in the watershed hillsides surrounding the lake, we can expect continued runoff and rain to bring us to full very quickly.  Already the channel wall is fully submerged, docks are in water at a level ready for boats, and coves and neighboring wetlands are refreshed and ready for the expected warmer temperatures which will bring the sights and sounds of spring.

Check in to the website for more photos and information.  Click of the slider photo at the top of the Home page for a short cut to top pages of interest such as the Waterlevel & Dam page. This Conservation page is currently being expanded and enhanced to reflect the current state of the water-level and tell the story of the dam – its purpose, structure and ongoing care and maintenance.

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Manchaug Pond Foundation

April 5, 2017 ~ Looking south from Manchaug Road, the cove at the northern end of Manchaug Pond near Lackey Road.


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