Manchaug Pond Foundation Dam & Waterlevel

Today at the Dam – Making Ready for Spring!

Manchaug Pond Foundation

Fishing Manchaug Pond February 28, 2017

When the fishing boats are on the water, you know the ice is gone and all are looking to spring! A special thanks to our photographer, Paula, for capturing this first boater of the season earlier this week.
Recent warm temperatures have resulted in the melting of all ice from Manchaug Pond and snow in the watershed. Speaking today to our dam caretaker from the Town of Sutton, he voiced that without the worry of ice damage to docks he’s taking advantage of the offering by preparing Manchaug Pond and Stevens Pond for an early season! With flashboards already in and the low-level gate easily regulated, our waterlevel is on its way up and the dam is ready to capture that run-off from the watershed and spring rains.

Manchaug Pond Foundation Dam & Waterlevel

Manchaug Pond dam on March 2, 2017

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the flow from the Manchaug Pond Dam was greatly reduced in order to minimize the flow downstream. This was done to allow the town to work on the Stevens Pond Dam – putting in their flashboards and closing up their gate. Today, Manchaug was re-opened to address the rising waterlevel as the watershed run-off continues.

So when you have a chance, check your shorelines and campsites, as dock barrels are a drift on the water!