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Celebrating the 4th on Manchaug Pond!

July 4th weekend is here  – cookouts, campfires, boat decorating, lighting the shoreline, and more!  Make it patriotic and safe on Manchaug Pond!


  • Fly Old Glory on your home, lake house, camper, boat, dock!  Here’s how to properly honor and display your flags.
  • Get Red, White and Blue ideas on food presentation, lake-house decorations, and boat decorating themes at Manchaug Pond Pinterest Patriotic Boards (Special thanks to our member volunteer who made those happen!).
  • Enter the BOAT DECORATING CONTEST today!  Contact us with the Captain’s name, telephone #, boat type (pontoon, in/outboard, kayak, jetski, etc), and decorating theme.  For ideas, check out past entries on the website and entries on other lakes on Manchaug Pond Pinterest. Happy planning and decorating!!
  • Purchase your flares, or get your tiki torches, campfires, and lights ready for the annual Lighting of the Shoreline!  Flares can be purchased from a member of the Board of Directors at a cost of 3 for $10 or $5 a piece.

Sunday:Manchaug Pond Foundation July 4th Lighting of the Shoreline

1:00 PMBoat Decorating Contest  with both contest participants and all boats invited to join in a cruise around the lake as we show off our entries to the spectators along the shore!

9:00 PM  ~ Lighting of the Shoreline. So join in solidarity with the members of the Manchaug Pond Foundation, light your flares, tiki torches, lanterns, or campfires to wrap the lake in a festive glow- a tradition begun in 1974!

Manchaug Pond has a long history of boaters flying Old Glory, and blowing horns, trumpets and other noise makers in celebration as they “parade” around the lake!  Let’s keep that tradition going with all boats both big and small, decorated or not, joining in the festivities.

Manchaug Pond Foundation Boat Decorating Contest 2015

“Proud to Be An American” 2015 2nd Place Winner

Manchaug Pond Foundation Boat Decorating Contest

“Manchaug Duck Tours” 2015 1st Place Winner

Manchaug Pond Foundation 4th of July Celebration

“Famous People in American History” 2015 3rd Place Winner

Monday, July 4th:

Have a safe and happy 4th of July as you show you are “Proud to be An American” on Manchaug Pond!

Happy Birthday to the U.S.A.!