Manchaug Pond the Reservoir – Going UP!

slider dam

With the arrival of the month of March,  our dam and waterlevel caretakers have been busy with preparations for the new season.  Here’s an update and a few photos as we look to the spring and summer seasons:

  • Brand new flashboards at the dam spillway made of thick, red oak were installed at the beginning of the month.
    Flashboard replacement

    The view of the new flashboards from Holt Road being installed by the Town of Sutton.

  • The flow out the low-level gate was reduced to end the winter drawdown allowing Manchaug Pond to fill as a reservoir.
  • “Fill up” of the lake was reported about 10 days ahead of last year as of March 14th.

These efforts, combined with the fact that the lake was kept slightly higher this winter to compensate for the lack of snow cover in the watershed, and expected spring rains (not to mention today’s snowfall!),  puts Manchaug Pond’s waterlevel at a great place for flood control, healthy wetlands and fisheries, and recreation.

Flashboards in 2016

Looking down from the spillway cage as the boards are installed.