Lake-level drawdown begins.

Today the drawdown of Manchaug Pond began. The low-level gate was partially opened by the dam owner, the Town of Sutton, to begin the gradual process of taking the water down to a lower level for the fall and winter months.

Dam October 14, 2015

Why the drawdown?  Here are a few reasons/benefits:

  • For flood control, providing storage capacity to handle major snow and rain events in order to protect homes both near the lake and downstream.
  • Control of invasive species such as fanwort, pond lily, and Asian clam through the drying, freezing or physical disturbance of the shoreline/drawdown area.
  • Allow for annual inspection and maintenance work to the face of the dam.
  • Provide access for shoreline property owners to make repairs to docks, walls and other structures.
  • Provide protection to the shoreline from ice damage.
  • Reduce the fine sediments in the drawdown zone, bringing up rocks to create a coarser area thereby aiding in weeds control and enhancing habitat for some organisms.
  • Provide access to the shoreline for the November 7th cleanup event and invasive weed pull!

Why a gradual lowering?  By gradually taking the water level down, we “allow certain aquatic organisms such as fresh water mussels, crayfish, turtles and amphibians to migrate to deeper portions of the water body to over-winter.”*

Questions or concerns?  Contact the Manchaug Pond Foundation.

Thank you to the Town of Sutton for another great season on Manchaug Pond!


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