Manchaug Pond Foundation Water Quality

Tomorrow, Weed Watchers Survey Team 2 Hits the Water!

Aquatic Plant SurveyOur trained “Weed-Watcher” volunteers will be on the water conducting the annual Aquatic Plant Survey tomorrow from 3 to 5:00 PM weather permitting. With the goal to seek out, identify, and record both native and non-native submerged aquatic plants, 6 volunteers on two teams survey will have surveyed more than 50 points on the lake this year.Weed Watcher Rake Toss


Team 1 surveyed the northern half last week and Team 2 will surveying the southern half this week. Using a GPS,  approximately 50 set locations are sampled. The teams record water depth, and using the rake-toss method, note absence of weeds or when plants are present, their species is identified and abundance noted.

“Early detection, coupled with a rapid assessment and a quick and effective response is viewed as one of the best and cost-efficient ways of dealing with problems,” the National Invasive Species Council reports.

The Manchaug Pond Foundation’s teams have been trained by Mass DCR’s Lakes and Ponds Program in invasive weed identification and by Lycott Environmental as to use of the GPS and mapping, the rake-toss method, and proper recording to work to prevent infestations of exotic invasive aquatic plants. Identification and monitoring of existing populations heads-off new invasive populations before they can take hold.

Weed Watchers


Weed Watchers Id Coontail


Watch for us on the water, and consider volunteering! Each team spends about 2 hours on the water surveying, with individual team members following up on new plant identification, and snorkeling areas of identification for a further look at weed beds.


If you want to observe a team in action, let us know as you’re welcome to come along!