#ManchaugPond ~ We’re now on Instagram!

Instagram logo Yes, for those of you who love photos, Manchaug Pond is now on Instagram! Follow us at #ManchaugPond to capture and share photos of your favorite place to be – Manchaug Pond!

On our website front page, you’ll find the Instagram icon with our other social network choices of Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube as well as email and the search icons.

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Our first #ManchaugPond photo posted to Instagram!

You may be asking what is Instagram?  Besides the usual, “it is amazing! ” or “it is loads of fun!” comments,  Instagram is another free online program and social network which allows users to take, edit and share photos with followers. Where Facebook shares with friends little clips of life and receives comments, and Twitter shares short updates with followers, Instagram sort of blends them together allowing you to share photos with followers who can “like” them in return. You take the photo or video with your cell phone, iPod or other android or Apple device, edit it and then share it with followers who share your interest.

Instagram has been around for a few years, with users enjoying the very creative, visual way you connect with your local community and the world. This month, it was reported that there are 150 million monthly active users world-wide with 40 million photos posted daily.  These users have also come up with the idea of holding InstaMeets where Instagrammers meet in an area or city for a photo walk at a prearranged date and time. Photos are taken and posted offering a collage of photos and perspectives! When the Manchaug Pond Foundation posts at  #ManchaugPond, we will also include #SuttonMA and #DouglasMA, to share with the local community as well as hashtag the event taking place on our 380 acre community lake and its watershed or the general topic photographed. Feel free to share your Instagram photos of Manchaug Pond to these hashtags as well so others can enjoy.  You can also tag our account @ManchaugPond.  Our goal is to promote the beauty of Manchaug Pond as well as the unceasing advocacy and activism of the Manchaug Pond Foundation.

So when you hear “hashtag this” and “hashtag that”,  you’ll know they are sharing photos!  If you haven’t already,  download the app on your phone or iPod, follow us on Instagram, click away, and #ManchaugPond!