Manchaug Pond Cheers on Pan-Mass Challenge Riders

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Leading the riders of the Pan-Mass Challenge

Manchaug Pond was ready this morning early to greet and cheer on the many riders of the Pan-Mass Challenge !PMC (3 of 3)

Just before 6:10 AM, the first group of some reported 2,800 riders met the hospitality of Manchaug Pond taking well over an hour to pass through.

With light rain falling, Manchaug Pond enthusiasm was in full force as spectators cheered, clapped, rang a cow bell, and posted signs encouraging specific teams. Two local campgrounds, Sutton Falls Camping Area and Old Holbrook Place Family Camping, offered the use of their bathhouse facilities and provided a large group to cheer them on.

Leaving from Sturbridge,  Massachusetts, the many riders who traveled Manchaug Road have registered for either the two-day 188 mile route to Provincetown or the 1 day 111 mile trek to Bourne. Each cyclist, young and old, raises thousands for cancer research.  Benefiting the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, this year’s collective goal is a whopping $40 million with approximately 5,500 cyclist taking one of 11 routes traveling between 25 and 190 miles to raise money to end cancer.  It is reported as the largest athletic fundraising event in the nation.

For more information, to donate, or support a local team ,visit the Pan-Mass Challenge website.

Send in your photos for inclusion in this post.  Thanks to our photographers: Rich Charpentier and Linda Nelson.



Old Holbrook Place Family Campground cheers-on riders.

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Two riders from Team Kermit! Notice the stuffed Kermit the Frog on their helmets!